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Honda Reveals The Next Odyssey

DETROIT (Jidosha Shinbun) - On the day that the 2017 Honda Odyssey officially goes on sale, Honda releases a teaser sketch for the 2018 5th generation Odyssey minivan. Honda revealed the new Odyssey today at the 2017 North American International Auto Show. As we surmised from the sketch that Honda released, the new Odyssey is an evolution of the fourth generation Odyssey minivan. After all, why mess too much with success? The new Odyssey has an evolutionary design with a lot more character lines. We think Honda might of added too many character lines. Our other issue is with the front grille. It looks peculiar compared to the fourth generation Odyssey. It kind of resembles the double grille look from the third generation CR-V from 2007-2011. It looks peculiar to us then and it looks peculiar to us now. Looks aside, Honda seems to have concentrated on making this generation the most technologically packed Odyssey yet.

Stepping inside the Odyssey looks similar to the current model, but the first thing we noticed was the lack of a transmission shifter. It's now a set of buttons down the center of the dashboard. It looks similar to the setup in the Acura NSX. It got us dreaming for a second for a Odyssey Type-R. All the convenience of a minivan with the performance of a sports car. Alas, we have to get back to reality.

As with the other new Honda models such as the Civic and CR-V, the new Odyssey is also available with Honda's Display Audio. On the Odyssey, it features an 8 inch touchscreen display. The layout is slightly different from other Honda models, but it's still easy to understand and well laid out.

The new Odyssey is also available with what Honda is calling Cabin Watch and Cabin Talk. With Cabin Watch, the driver can keep their eyes in front while glancing to figure out what's going on in the back. A camera overhead has a view of the second and third rows. The driver can see what the camera sees on the Display Audo touchscreen. With Cabin Talk talking to the kids doesn't mean having to turn around any more. Engage Cabin Talk on the Display Audio touchscreen will give you a choice of using the in cabin PA system or talking to those in the back through the wireless Bluetooth headphones. These new available features will make it easier for the driver to keep their eyes on the road while keeping passengers in the back in check.

In addition to new technology features, the 2018 Honda Odyssey has new convience features as well. The second row now has what Honda calls Magic Slide seats. In addition to sliding front and back the seats can now slide side to side. This allows the second row to be pushed together or apart. This also allows for easier entry to the third row because instead of having to push the seat back forward, the second row can be pushed inside for easier entry.

Powering the Odyssey is a 3.5 liter diret-injected i-VTEC V6 engine. It's rated at 280 horsepower. The engine is mated to a 9 speed automatic transmission or an all-new 10 speed automatic in upper trim levels. The Odyssey and its engine will be manufactured in Lincolin, Alabama, and the 10 speed automatic transmission will be made at a plant in Tallapoosa, Georgia.

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